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Anna Wood is the Founder/CEO of Brains over Blonde, a feminist lifestyle platform for women who REFUSE to choose between femininity and success. Anna's a Google alumnus with a Stanford MBA, a serial entrepreneur, content creator, and a Feminist with a capital F. As a sales / marketing lead in Silicon Valley, she worked with major brands such as Netflix, Expedia, and Airbnb. Now, as a self-described "Female Empoweress," she helps other women carve out amazing careers and cultivate fearless lives. She's appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, and Bustle.

Anna's passion for supporting strong women started early. In undergrad at UC Berkeley, she wrote her honors thesis on "Making diversity in the workplace a strategic advantage." All the while she was also helping women look and feel beautiful as a personal stylist. While at Google, she also facilitated the Unconscious Bias diversity course and ran wellness programs. She trained to be a personal and professional coach at Stanford.

Along the way, Anna often felt pressure to choose between femininity and success, but she refused to do so. She LOVES being a woman, and believes her female identity has contributed to her success. Instead of waiting around for a major societal change, she created her own lane and founded Brains over Blonde.

Anna recently relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams. When she's not inspiring the modern woman, Anna can be found traveling the world, lounging at the beach, or listening to her favorite podcasts.

Loves: face masks, The Bachelor franchise, Australian Shepherds, palm trees, mac n cheese

Hates: slow walkers, mansplaining, onions, when people say "it is what it is"

About Brains over blonde

Brains over Blonde is a lifestyle platform for women who REFUSE to choose between femininity and success.

Women's power and femininity are too often misunderstood and misrepresented. Emotions are seen as fragility. Feminism is seen as overly aggressive. Beauty and style are seen as vanity. B/B is here to redefine the way the world sees femininity. As women, our femininity is part of what makes us POWERFUL.

It's time to #FlexYourFemale. From free content to private 1:1 coaching and a supportive community, B/B provides inspiration and tools to empower you to grow as a woman, both personally and professionally.

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