Why You Need To Start Tongue Scraping, Like, Yesterday

QUEENS. Are you scraping your tongue? If you’re not, you need to start doing it right now. Trust me, it’s a thing.

brains over blonde tongue scraping

If you don’t know about tongue scraping yet, clearly you’re subscribed to the #FlexYourFemale Friday email list, bc everyone on there already knows about it. You’re gonna wanna get on this list… subscribe below right now!

Anyway, I’ve gotten rly into Ayurveda recently (Ayurveda is a holistic body healing system – should I do a post on Ayurveda?). In Ayurveda, the tongue is a window into your overall health constitution.

Look at your tongue right now. Basically, bacteria & dead cells build up on your tongue which leads to bad breath and overall poor oral hygiene. Plus it just LOOKS gross… is there white & yellow bacteria built up on your tongue right now? Ew.

So, you need to start scraping your tongue every morning with this chic copper tongue scraper (in the B/B Amazon Shop) before brushing your teeth. It’s a lil intense & that’s because it WORKS. Don’t even think about getting the plastic ones because they don’t work even close to as well.

Your tongue is going to be SO FUCKING CLEAN AFTER & and it’s going to feel AMAZING. But don’t feel the need to thank me every single morning, just a few. So start scraping and enjoy your fresh breath & clean, aesthetically pleasing tongue. Your sense of taste will be better too!

Oh & just a heads up after u join this secret tongue scraping society (STSS) you’re going to start noticing everyone’s tongues… like who scrapes & who doesn’t. I’m totally judgey about non-scrapers now, sry, but like.


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