The Only Way To Accomplish Great Things Is To TRUST YOURSELF.

Our bodies talk to us literally all the time. It might come in the form of a muscle pain, a yawn, or a shiver down your spine. Often it’s simply a gut feeling, or a “knowing” deep down in your soul. Do you listen? Or do you ignore what your body is telling you?

trust yourself

If I could teach you bbs only ONE thing, it would be to TRUST YOURSELF. Trust the part of you that knows. Trust your intuition. Trust your own inner guidance. You don’t need to explain or justify yourself to anyone else.

Far too often ppl listen to the noise of the world instead of themselves. I did this for the year that I was engaged. The LAST thing I wanted to do was call off my wedding, so even when my body was SCREAMING the truth to me on the inside, I looked for answers everywhere else. My body got louder & louder until I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t even BREATHE sometimes… my body FORCED me to listen. When I finally did, I knew I had no choice but to make the most difficult decision of my entire life. But as soon as I made it, my body assured me that I made the right choice. I could breathe. I could eat. I could sleep. I could think. I could start rebuilding. That’s when I learned to trust myself enough to let go, to uproot, & to shed who I used to be in order to reemerge as a stronger version of myself.

You, wild one, are meant to accomplish great things. But you can’t accomplish them until you TRUST YOURSELF. Trusting yourself is a practice. It takes time, but learning to do so has been so monumental to my personal growth that I got it tattooed my left forearm so I could be reminded every second of every day.

Are you ready to start trusting yourself more? Here are some things to keep in mind:

⋆  Energy doesn’t lie. If something feels off, it probably is.
⋆  Your eyes & ears will play tricks on you. Trust your gut/soul/inner voice.
⋆  Set aside time every day to build a relationship with your gut/soul/inner voice. Silence everything around you so you can listen (meditation is great for this obvi).

Are you ready to get started now? Ask yourself a question you’ve been wrestling with. Silence your mind, close your eyes, & take a few deep breaths, in & out, deep into your belly. An answer will come to you. What’s it saying? Instead of brushing it off, lean in & listen even more deeply. You will know the next step to take.

If you need support, consider joining the Flex Your Female SISTERHOOD. Together we will rise to the highest version of ourselves!

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