3 Creative Ways To Get A Mentor In 2019

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“How do I get a mentor?” is one of the most common questions you ask me. I always give the same 3 pieces of advice:


This is 2019 bbs. LITERALLY ANYONE YOU WANT CAN BE YOUR MENTOR. ANYONE. My mentors are the podcasters I listen to. The authors whose books I read. The courses I take online. For example, I wanted Gary Vee to be my mentor so I INSATIABLY devour all of his content. If u look up to or learn from me, guess what, I’M your mentor. (Drop your fave content mentors below so we can all check them out!)


Ask to take ppl u look up to to coffee (or even a 15min phone call) with NO AGENDA other than to get to know them. Build a REAL relationship. If there’s a true connection, mentorship happens naturally. (Watch my video on “cold-call networking emails” to learn how to reach out to ppl!)


When people tell me they can’t afford a coach, I’m like… “How can you afford not to have a coach?!” Clearly, what you’re doing on your own isn’t getting you to where you want to be or you wouldn’t be asking. Coaches are a shortcut. They’ve been through it before & they put you in the FAST LANE toward achieving your goals. Coaching is the absolute best investment you can make in yourself. (If you want to learn more, check out my coaching page or just email me!)


Don’t forget that your friends are your mentors too. Surround yourself with women who INSPIRE you. The B/B Community is great for this too!

Speaking of which, what is everyone here working on? Drop what you do below & meet each other – DON’T BE SHY YALL ARE ALL SO RAD!!!

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