Whatever you want to achieve, I’m here to be your wingwoman.

My coaching style is efficient and to-the-point. No stuffiness, just realness.

Together, we can work through...
- Career exploration

- Resume + cover letters

- Interview prep

- Personal + Biz Branding

- Public speaking

- Grad school apps
- Weight loss

- Weight maintenance

- Habit change

- Mental + wellness

- Goal setting
- Habit change

- Dating + relationships

- Friends + social

- Reputation management
- Wardrobe

- Home styling

- Hair + makeup styling


For the boss who needs
to power through a
specific road block
1 SESSION Breakthrough the
For the goal chaser who
is ready to work together
towards achieving a
specific objective
4 SESSIONS Blueprint the
For the woman looking
for ongoing guidance,
support, and mentorship
on a variety of topics
10 sessions mentorship the

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See what people are saying

Anna changed my life. She changed my life by changing my perspective: guiding me to cultivate more self-compassion, encouraging me to learn from challenges and successes, and allowing me to see patterns that were holding me back. But the best part about Anna's coaching isn't just her perspective - it's how she guides to action. Anna helped me articulate and organize my most ambitious goals and desires and moved me confidently towards them. Each time we met, I knew I would get one (or many) steps closer to what I wanted most in life. I am a better person, businesswoman, and friend thanks to Anna.

- Carolina P.

Anna has coached me time and time again, and she's absolutely the best at this. As a coach, she has challenged me to become my best self, while still being extremely supportive and empathetic so that I keep coming back. I've gone to Anna multiple times for career and personal advice, and each time, I come away from our conversations smarter and way more self-aware. Anna has a magical sense for people -- she is able to read others quickly, and she gets what really matters in relationships. Plus, Anna is smart, hilarious, and cool, and such a joy and a gem to work with!

- Renee S.

Anna has been such a strong and steady source of support, and a great coach to me for several reasons. First is how genuinely open and non-judgemental she is - always willing to listen and seeking to understand on a personal and human level. Second is how she approaches coaching - she subtly reinforces an empowering message that I have the answers I'm looking for, and that she is there to help me navigate my own deeper truths. Finally, I have always appreciated how Anna keeps things fun and full of life. She is such a joy to spend time with!

- Eleanor C.

Anna coached me throughout my first year at business school, and it was a really rewarding experience. Her superpower is asking probing questions from unexpected angles. As someone who tends to be far too analytical about decision-making, she would figure out my way of thinking about problems and then challenge me in new ways. She also has a way of reading my emotional and mental state that helped her know when she wasn't getting the full story (or I wasn't being true to myself!). Anna was also super helpful in the early days of thinking through co-founding my end-of-life planning startup, FreeWill. From founder dynamics to idea generation, she was always there to listen and brainstorm. She brought her past experiences to bear on the particular business problems I was thinking about. A true thought partner.

- Jenny X.

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